Inspiration to Cook!

Peace Greetings!

Are you the kind of person who gets inspired and follows it? Well, I am!

So What kind of Inspiration to seek? It could be anything creative, or someones good quality, or a movement by someone famous, or something when you do makes you feel good or in general is good, take it or in fact just grab it and apply it in your own way in your life.

Jamie Oliver, The Man behind the Food Revolution, Sugar Rush and many other movements and programmes that he does for children, his nation, and the world in general. Mann! He is someone. He is the man behind FoodTube. And I love it! He promotes other food-tubers, talks good about their food, helps them grow along with others. NOW that is something to be inspired from.

How he has used The Internet to do all the good stuff he does, he also studied Nutrition recently and is sharing it in very simple language with common people like us, he's amazing. May God bless him and guide him!

Since there are N number of bloggers and food-tubers out there wide open. 
Let's help them by using their recipes, cooking together and tagging them on our social media. 

That would be fun, right?

Most of us just look at photos, or watch them cooking and when the moment of tasting comes, your drooling over ur laps or mobiles. (At least I do)

And then you bookmark the recipe or save the video on your to-do list. And you finally you never do it, coz either your not motivated to do it all by yourself or you don't have the ingredients or you wonder, what if it doesn't turn out good or you wonder who will eat it all and then chuck the idea!

And for those who always cook, bake and are the experts; why don't we join forces and create something 'nice' to 'oh waaoow'! Coz we learn from each other and we help each other and its more fun to do things together!

I hope you like the concept and help me achieve what I dream of. If God Wills, c ya soon.


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