Al Qudra Lake

Peace Greetings! 

UAE is a country that makes the most out of its winters. And I profess that we, as residents should utilize to the best and sustainable potential that which the nation offers.

Last week, we visited Al Qudra Lake, a man-made lake, located in the middle of the Seih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shams, was created and managed by the civic body as part of a project to green and enrich that part of the desert of Dubai. Around 130 species of birds have been spotted there as per records.

And it was beautiful. Hats-off to all those who work to bring a lake in a desert and then housing variety of birds. The place was well maintained, clean and the birds looked healthy and fresh.

The colorful birds had a lot of visitors too. But it was not overly crowded, so good.

I am not sure if it would be an ideal spot for picnics. Coz I am afraid the public would contaminate the place with waste and also too much bird-feeding could happen. We humans tend to have these great qualities. 

We went to see the place and have a stroll around. It was calm, quiet and peaceful. The only noise that filled was by all the chatters and quacks of the cute plump ducks. It was a nice drive and a feel good atmosphere at Al Qudra. 

Thanks to Prof. Google, for rightly guiding us to the location.


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