Get out, get closer to nature

Peace Greetings!

Yayyy! It is that time of the year when you pack up and get out of your homes to seek adventure or just simply outdoor fun. A drive to the mountains, Early morning dip into the sea, fun in the park and a lot for those who love to explore. 

I personally hate leaving Dubai during this time of the year as the weather is oh so dear to me. It is one of the very few things I have in common with the Mr., Adventure. We love it. 

Camping in the mountains, drive in the beautiful desert, the wadis and farms, the beaches and dhow cruises, we love it all. We grab any opportunity to get out and do something fun and adventurous. 

The feeling that nature gives you when you seek it and go behind it, is truly rewarding. The different colors of the mountains on either side of the road, the texture of soft sand under your feet, the calmness of the gushing waves, running in the grass bare-feet, the walk on pebbles, looking at chirping birds on trees, and more. These are the little experiences that bring lot of wonder.

A lot of it cannot be explained in words. You really need to get out and feel it.

And in this busy world today, not many are able to enjoy it. I feel they are deprived.

Stop making excuses. You know its good for you, and even for your kids. They need to experience nature at its best. Coz you need to make them wonderers and thinkers.

They need to get messy and dirty. They need to experience extreme conditions. Give them the protection required and let them have fun. It is what they need to do in life. PLAY.

Typical excuses: oh its so hot, or its so cold how can you go out, or my son will fall sick, or my throat is paining. Oh c'mon! These are silly, yes it is. 

Take necessary measures to make yourself or your child comfortable and then just go. 

Getting out is also a therapy, it builds your immunity.

I hope my words motivate you and encourage you to go out and kiss nature at its best.

Happy picnicing!


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