Its getting Official! First Cook-along

Peace Greetings!

This week for a start I had my first Cook-along with 4 young and beautiful girls. We made Monkey bread and Chicken and cheese nachos with pico de gallo salsa.

Monkey bread is a pull apart bread made with a yeast dough. Small dough balls are then rolled in butter and cinnamon-sugar and then dumped in a bundt pan. Then baked to perfection and drizzled with rose water syrup.

Ours was a moroccan inspired bread with flavours of Orange, Rosewater and pistachios.

While the Monkey bread was baking, we made Nachos with cheese and salsa.

Ready, just in time for tea. We sat together at the table and were confused whether to eat or take snaps. But couldn't resist and they dived in. Shared a few stories, some laughter and a memorable experience. 

I hope to host many more cook-alongs like this, if God wills. And I hope you and your friends come too.


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