Flying machine on My Clock!

Peace Greetings!
Is it just me or do you feel this too??

AAAh the time!!! Its flying too fast and I'm not able to stop it or catch up with it.

Tasks are never ending, unable to organize things or execute the way planned or unexpected tantrums by little ones and list goes on! 

and to add to it, by the end of the day you feel empty and guilty.

The day passed too quickly to realize that the year is coming to an end already. 

And I'm wondering, what have I achieved this year? How well did I do, How much closer have I gotten closer to my Creator and His book? What did I discover and what have I lost?

The start of every year, I begin to write a diary of what I did that day, cooked, or places I've been to. Within 2 months the diary reaches the bottom of the drawer only to discover and discard by the end of the year. 

But I think there is something called 'blessing/ بركه ' in Time. And that is something we should seek from Our Lord. God expands time for us, well I don't mean that literally. But He makes way for us to do our tasks/ deeds in the best way we can, in the right time. All we need to do is, to ask Him for that blessing and have Faith.

And even if you are not able to do everything you wanted to, its okay, relax. Sometimes we make things difficult for us and are too harsh on ourselves. Remember we are not machines. We need to just sit there and relax. There is a blessing in Relaxing/ sleeping too.

May God bless us with a productive year ahead. And may He provide more and more بركه in our time, wealth and families.

Just have the right intentions and do good!


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