Its Pay-back time!

Peace Greetings!

For all the things they've done for you or not done for you. For the times they have felt proud of you or felt silly of you. For the right or wrong decisions they have made for you and for what ever else they have done. For the identity they have given you, that has made you what you are today. 

It is time to pay back. And pay-back good, don't be stingy!

When they got you, you became their greatest blessing. Now here you are looking at them grow older, realizing what a greater blessing they are for you. 

So pay-back good, don't be stingy!

So what about them makes you feel blessed? For me its their laughter! When they laugh heartily, it brings unexplainable joy to my heart, tears to eyes and happiness infinite. Would love to pause that moment there and hold it still.

So go on! Pay it back. Give them the right to feel proud about you, scream their frustration out on you, share their feelings to you, choose your better-half for you, give gifts to you and you back, pray for you and back and most importantly spend lots of time with you. 'Coz whether they say it or not, they really want it from you, You were their blessing remember? So be it, and pay it back!

Be their door to paradise and let them open way for you. May God, the Almighty bless our parents and give them the best in this world and here-after and keep us close today and always.

This post is a small reminder for me and you to remember how debted we are to our parents and whatever we do for them will not suffice it. So lets do more and inspire our children to follow suit. 'Coz its the only deed that will benefit us till the hereafter. Oh Lord show great mercy upon our parents just like they had when we were little. Ameen!


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