Weekend Bake off!

Peace Greetings! 

Rolling out dough, cutting and shaping cookies and filling them would be something kids will really have fun doing. And the chicken is gonna be gooey, sticky, sweet and tangy, perfect for snacking! 

Send your child for him/her to learn something new, do something different, socialize, feel independent and have fun!

Chicken Wellington is a twist on the classic with minced chicken and sundried tomatoes, encased in pastry and baked. 
The Cake screams chocolate! Layered between chocolate buttercream, and topped with Caramel popcorn and drizzled with more chocolate ganache. 

A big shout out to teenagers who wanna do something different with friends. Come, learn and Join in @CrumbsandChatters to have fun baking something new, quirky and delicious. Lets cook, learn, chat and inspire one another. Book your place soon.


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