In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious Most Merciful

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious Most Merciful

Hello and Peace greetings to you! 

Thank you for visiting my page and hope you enjoy being around.

I'd like to invite you to my kitchen which I like to call Crumbs and Chatters, to cook with me food that imbibes great flavour, fun conversations, and awesome inspiration.

For some, cooking is a job daily routine, have-to-eat-so-have-to-cook kind of a thing. 
And for some, its an art of colours, flavours, beauty, taste, comfort (ok, I think I used all the vocabs). 

I prefer to see it as an Activity - you do yourself or with a group of friends or with your kids or with some unknown people 'cause what it brings about is the food you create together, have conversations about, help and even learn from each other. 

While cooking you activate all your senses. The beauty of what you create, the sizzle of the veggies, the aroma of the cake, and to top it, THE TASTE.... yum!  

Did You Know?? You work-out while kneading, stirring, chopping, whisking, lifting pots.  
But, you balance it when you eat up all those calories.😜 

WHATEVER Cooking is for you and at WHATEVER skill-level you are at, come with me on my culinary journey to cook-up something fun, unique, creative and of course yummy.

And for those who always cook, bake and are the experts; why don't we join forces and create something 'nice' to 'oh wow'! Coz we learn from each other and we help each other and it's more fun to do things together!

I intend to include a variety of cuisines and bakes from all over the world. It would mostly be a 2-hour activity (subject to change depending on the recipe). 

We Cook, Chat, Laugh and Eat together. Now you tell me, wouldn't that be fun?

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Hoping to see you soon over @ Crumbs and Chatters!


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